Reapers are half-living, half-dead beings who used to be souls of the dead but are now fated to wander between the mirrored worlds of Abyss and Exig and guide souls of the dead to their final resting place in the afterlife, where they will slumber sweetly for all eternity.

Many Exigians consider their existence as a meer myth as very few living from there has ever seen one and had been able to recognize it. However, Abyssans don't consider them a myth as they knew about Reapers for a long time due to them originating from the Abyss, but just like in Exig, very few living have seen one.

They appear differently to Abyssan and Exigian residents than they do to their own kind as those from Exig or Abyss view Reapers as how they desire to see them rather than how they truly appear. In their true form, all Reapers have horns of many shapes and sizes, from simple curvy horns to horns facing back like a masquerade mask. Many long, thin, colorful tendrils form their long, wispy, mane-like hair that flows freely behind their heads. Their skin is oftentimes colorless, ranging from various shades of light and dark grays to very rarely black or white. Their pupiless eyes have sclera is that of a dark grey or black color while their shiny, misty looking slit-like oval shaped iris' range greatly in color. Most Reapers tend to possess traits relating to their past life, such as behaviors, style of dress, or genetic traits.

As a general rule, typical Reapers dress in mostly long drapey robes and dresses that covers every inch of their body below their neck while higher ranked Reapers are overly embellished and decorated. They also carry with them an embellished dual pendulum axe used for killing and gathering souls when the time comes.