Cleric is a godlike entity who formerly ruled over Exig, before his assassination. Very little is known about him, but Abyssal legends speak of a great king who vanished millennia ago; around the same time Cleric surfaced.

Cleric is often worshiped, and his followers have a powerful standing in a large portion of Exig. The Church is authoritative and anti-vis, believing Vis is a gift for the faithful; and not intended for 'heretics'.

Before his death, he was a humble ruler, and only spoke when necessary. He despised corruption and violence; and kept the realm in retaliative peace and order. He was loved by most, and even his enemies respected him greatly.

Following his demise, civil war breaks out across Exig, with each side pointing fingers as an excuse to reach their goals.

Physically, Cleric is very tall and thin, standing at almost 7'. He is cloaked in a mustard colored robe, which covers nearly all his features and is tight against most of his form. He wears a crowned eyeless mask with the 'cleric' symbol engraved into its surface, and never reveals his face.

Cleric detests violence, and values order and loyalty above all. He masks his appearance because "The should people respect the king, not the person wearing the crown".