A powerful religious group overtaken by corruption after Cleric’s disappearance. They use their influence over the faithful as well as their wealth to garner favor in attempts to win over neutral provinces. Headed by two religious figureheads (one male and one female), and a council of politicians, it’s main goals are spreading the influence of the church and smashing ‘heretics’ by any means necessary. It’s center of power is in Movitz, Clerio; the capital city of the the Church, and the home of Cleric’s throne.

They are officially anti-magic, but they have sanctioned Fragments and Shards supplementing their military. They view magic as a gift for the faithful, and either try to convert or kill Frags and Shards.

Before Cleric's death, they had a group of Bound hunters who would hunt down Shards for converting or execution. This group has since been disbanded, but the Bounds still work as high end mercenaries, or serve their "purpose" regardless, hunting down and murdering Shards.

Influences Edit

The Church is strongest in the northwestern peninsula, and has a strong presence in the majority of the north. They have faithful peppered throughout Exig, however.

Their countries of influence are Nocstera, Clerio, Viseo, Aluminici, and Laetheo‏‏ in the north. Clerio is their capital, and the Church is centered in Movitz.