Abyssals are the inhabitants of Abyss. They are biologically immortal beings with horns, six limbs, and grey eyes. As they age, they continue to grow indefinitely until they die. Very old abyssals can grow to a monstrous size.

Abyssals are the Abyss equivalent of mammals, with hundreds of various species. The most populous race are the T'abyssi, a sentient species mirroring humanity. Unlike other species, they have four limbs. Their additional limbs fused together into a single six fingered one. T'abyssi, despite their demonic appearance, are more or less 'human'. T'abyssi are much more likely to have magical talent than humans, and those that do, do not require a catalysts because of the thickness of vis in Abyss.

Abyssian Nobles are the abyssal equivalent of Shards. However, they greatly surpass them because of the vis in abyss, and because their immortality usually means they have much more experience. Nobles are often unrecognizable as T'abyssi because of the centuries using pure vis mutating them, but they technically still are.

Magic is much more hereditary for abyssals than humans, and it is nearly always passed down from parents. Even abyssal beasts can have magical abilities. (Hypothetically, so can animals in Exig. They have difficulty grasping catalysts, however.)

T'abyssi SocietyEdit

The most universal factor of Abyssian society is that magic nearly always equals power. Even the most isolated tribes seem to follow this trend. The other major factors in Abyssian society are age, and honor. These, however, are less universal.

Those with magical ability are nearly always village/tribe/clan elders, or in larger, more civilized portions of Abyss, like in cities, are well respected and influential citizens. Nobles are rare, and nearly always hold some form of major leadership position.

A village with a Noble will virtually always snowball into a country, and possibly an empire.

The five Princes are beings at the very top of the social ladder. They each control ever expanding super-empires, and have nearly godlike power. They are actually Nephilim, a powerful crossbreed race, which is why they break the upper limits of strength 'set' by Shards and Nobles.

Tel'abyssi is the primary language of Abyss.