As of writing this, I have uploaded a majority of the lore to the wikia, and gave the necessary subjects their own pages. However, many of these pages need heavy expansion.

When editing, keep a neutral third person POV. Record information in a manner similar to say... Wikipedia or another reputable wikia. We want the information to be easily understandable for new contributors.

Feel free to expand on the information however you feel is necessary, but keep it similar to the majority of established lore. Any controversial changes MUST be voted on.

Examples of things that don't necessary need to be voted on are: Names of unestablished cities, names of characters such as members of various factions, new unestablished factions, etc. Keep in mind that any additions MUST fit in the world or have a logical reason for existing. Keep in mind the politics, influence, and other factors. Anything that does not fit will be voted on, altered, or removed.

Any additions a team member does not agree with MUST be voted on. All votes will be made via a highlighted pole thread.